In Step Coaching is a high performance sport & fitness training facility located in Belpre, serving the Parkersburg-Marietta metro area, and surrounding counties.

In Step Coaching uses dynamic training sessions and meaningful interaction to inspire, teach and guide you to powerful life change, using sport & fitness as the engine to enable and motivate you to become your greatest version, inside and out.





Jordan’s life journey uniquely qualifies him to help you transform your approach to achieving physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Jordan knew the joy and rigors of elite athletic performance, both as a competitor and as a successful coach and teacher. He also experienced and battled through extreme adversity, including a career-ending injury and severe depression. These experiences (and much more) are the foundation for his effective, holistic approach to serving as your partner in setting and achieving the goals that will make possible the accomplishments and well-being you seek. Jordan’s “7-Step Life Transformation Blueprint” will guide you to robust physical and spiritual health!


Jordan’s path began as an elite athlete in 3 sports (basketball, baseball, and track; he is still the all-time leading scorer in the history of his school’s men’s basketball). His athletic career defined his life, which made a severe (and career-ending) back injury at age 21 utterly devastating. After 2 years and 2 surgeries, a new back injury suffered during physical therapy required a 3rd surgery.  The loss of identity and 6 years of intense chronic pain led to opioid dependency, deep despondency, and a loss of purpose.


But the competitor in Jordan would not and could not quit. He began his battle for a new meaning with a sense of humility, searching for wisdom from the most respected teachers and sources. This deep study was combined with an intense introspection and a growing commitment to meditation and daily reflection. His desire to serve others led him to craft what he had learned into an approach to life that he knew could help anyone, from the elite athlete to those struggling with the toughest life challenges. 


The 7-Step Life Transformation Blueprint isn’t easy; it requires commitment, self-awareness, and the courage to be completely honest with oneself. But it works! And Jordan, as your transformational partner, will guide and inspire you to construct a plan that, while challenging, will provide you the right “stretch” to put you "in step" on the road to achieving physical and emotional fitness.   


Education and Coaching Experience


Ohio University Adjunct Instructor. Teaching courses in Weight Training, Circuit Training, and Yoga


Master’s degree in Coaching Education from Ohio University

Video Coordinator for Ohio University Women’s Basketball Team


Personal Training Certification


Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Sciences from Ohio University


Assistant Coach for State Runner up Parkersburg South Women’s Team


Head coach for Belpre High School Boys Basketball. 2012 TVC Coach of the year